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  Dorado International
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The devices offered by Dorado fall into three basic component categories:

Antenna Products. Dorado is offering a number of antenna types for use over the wide spectrum from 1.0 to 110 GHz; Gain Horns, Planar Array / Patch Antennas, Omni-directional and CSC2 Sector Horn Antennas for LMDS and other point to multipoint applications.

Waveguide components cover over 25 types of devices in all the standard waveguide bands from WR-90 (X-band) to WR-10 (W-band) from Adapters and Attenuators to Tees, Transitions and Twists.

Ferrite devices including isolators and circulators for operation in the entire frequency spectrum from 24 MHz to 110 GHz for coaxial, microstrip, drop-in and waveguide circuits.

  1. Antennas
  2. Isolators & Circulators
    1. Microstrip
    2. Drop-In
    3. SMT
    4. Coaxial
    5. Waveguide
  3. Millimeterwave Waveguide devices
  4. Custom Design Components and Subcomponents
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